Weed cutting notice to all landowners

Notice is hereby given to all landowners or operators to cut all weeds and grasses adjoining their lands to a maximum of three (3) inches along those roads defined as roadways by the Grant County Board of Commissioners including weeds and grasses growing within the public right-of-way bordering such highways and their lands. Such cutting shall be completed by October 15, 2018. Cutting with a swather is not adequate and a minimum of 13 feet must be cut using a mower. If the weeds and grasses are not cut along county roads or if cut and not cut adequately to prevent snow build up, the county will mow the weeds and grasses and and charge the adjacent landowner at a rate of $200.00 per mile. The actual cost shall be charged against the land or the landowner and shall become part of the taxes to be levied against the land for the ensuing year. Also, if hay or bales remain in the ditches or county roads after November 1, 2018, the county will remove the hay or bales and the landowner may redeem them by paying the cost of removal.
By the order of the Grant County Board of Commissioners.
Alton Zenker, Chairman
Myles Stoller
John Reinhardt

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