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Grant County Auditor / Treasurer
Sara Meier
P.O. Box 227 Carson, ND 58529

Phone: (701) 622-3275 or (701) 622-3422
Fax: (701) 622-3005


Grant County Seeking Full Time Deputy Auditor / Treasurer 

 Auditor / Treasurer 
The position of County Auditor is an elected position voted on by the citizens of Grant County in non-presidential election years. The auditor is by statute the chief financial officer of the county. The auditor also acts as elections administrator, property tax administrator, and executive secretary to the board of county commissioners.
The office of County Treasurer was created by the state constitution. Treasurer duties listed in North Dakota Century Code 11 include receiving all incoming money, balancing accounts, collecting fees and fines, monthly disbursements to county entities, investment of county funds, and providing information to lending agencies.
In Grant County, the auditor and treasurer have been combined into one elected position.

For ALL Auditor/Treasurer forms, see Document Center.

 Delinquent Property Tax Sale

Per North Dakota Century Code 57-28: Property within Grant County is subject to foreclosure in the event that the property taxes, specials, and any interest/ penalties become delinquent in the third year. Grant County Auditor's office accrues any delinquent property, notifies all interested parties of the terms and conditions, and conducts an annual sale of the property with an unsatisfied tax debt.
June 1st - Foreclosure notice will be given to the property owner, occupants of the property, and any other person entitled to possession of or interest in the property before June 1st.
August 1st - A notice of delinquent property will be published in the official county newspaper before August 1st.
October 1st - Tax Lien foreclosure date. Taxes, specials, and any interest/ penalties for delinquent years must be paid in full to the Grant County Treasurer's office before 4pm
October 2nd until the sale on the 3rd Tuesday in November - after October 1st, the owner must bring ALL outstanding taxes, specials, and any interest/ penalties current. Payment may be made to the Grant County Treasurer's Office before the scheduled start time of the sale on the 3rd Tuesday of November.
At least 15 days prior to annual sale - A notice of properties for sale will be posted in the Auditor's office and the county website.
At least 10 days prior to annual sale - A notice of properties for sale will be posted in the official county newspaper.
3rd Tuesday of November - Annual sale is held.

Liquor Licensing

Liquor licensing applications can be accessed online or picked up in the Auditor's office.

Building Permits

Applications for building permits can be accessed online or by calling the office. Building permits are $15.
Residential permits can be approved at the Tax Directors office.
Commercial and land use change requests require a zoning board meeting.

Fishing & Hunting Licenses

‎Hunting and fishing licenses can be obtained online from North Dakota Game and Fish.